Francis Brennan's Grand Tour
Factual Entertainment
6 x 30 mins
July 2009

Francis Brennan's Grand Tour South Africa

Ireland’s best known and most loved hotelier Francis Brennan is back on the road.  He’s taking a break from his five star hotel to act as a tour guide to twelve paying guests who are about to embark on a surprise trip of a lifetime. 

The series kicks off with Francis’s guests gathering at Dublin Airport where their mystery destination is revealed – South Africa.  Francis has organised a thirteen day epic tour starting in Johannesburg, where they visit Soweto, before heading south. In the Eastern Cape they experience a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience, followed by a drive down the world famous Garden Route (with a surprise bungee jump) ending up in beautiful Cape Town.

As always, there’s a mixed bunch of guests on the Grand Tour – with ages ranging from an 83 year old great grandmother to a 23 year old, with occupations from dog groomer to pest controller. Can Francis manage to keep this unlikely crew happy and on schedule?

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Episode Guide

Episode 1 Francis Brennan takes twelve paying tourists on the surprise trip of a lifetime. In tonight’s programme Francis’s guests meet up at Dublin airport and their mystery destination is revealed – South Africa. After a 19 hour flight the group arrives at Lesedi Cultural village in Johannesburg. Rather than letting them rest Francis immediately throws them into an African drumming lesson and tribal tour. The next day Francis takes them on a whistle stop tour of Johannesburg including the poignant Apartheid Museum before grabbing a bite at a restaurant that specialises in exotic meats. Crocodile anyone?

Episode 2 Francis Brennan is taking twelve paying guests from all walks of life on a surprise trip of a lifetime to South Africa. Today the group visits South Africa’s capital Pretoria followed by a trip into the country’s most famous township Soweto and the only street in the world that is home to two Nobel Prize winners: Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. Francis has a surprise in store when he asks for volunteers to do a 70 metre freefall in Soweto’s Orlando Towers – does he get any takers…?

Episode 3 Francis Brennan is taking 12 paying guests on a trip of a lifetime to South Africa. It is day 6 of the tour and Francis and his group are on safari to the remote Sibuya Game Reserve where they sleep under canvas. Francis is determined that his group gets to see the "Big Five”. The group quickly spot some lions and In-flight Buyer Darren has to overcome his fear of animals. They also come across endangered white rhinos and buffalo while one vehicle has a terrifying encounter with a protective female elephant.

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