Paul & Nick's Big Food Trip
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Series 3 Paul & Nick's Big American Food Trip

Chefs Paul Rankin and Nick Nairn are back.  This time they are travelling the East Coat of the USA, following the trail of Ulster-Scots settlers who sailed to the New World three hundred years ago.

Along the way they meet some decendants of the original settlers, source great local food, unearth some fascinating history and create a bespoke three course meal for their American hosts.

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Paul and Nick's Big American Food Trip Top chefs Paul Rankin and Nick Nairn are on a culinary trip along the east coast of America to explore their shared heritage. This eight part series follows their journey as they learn about the history of the Ulster-Scots and Scottish immigrants who defined modern America. They cook a three-course meal for some of the descendants who remain proud of their lineage. Along the way they enjoy some American cuisine, meet local food producers, chat to historians all whilst having a bit of craic. Across the series the two chefs travel from Portland in Maine, then head south through New Hampshire and Boston before ending up in Philladelphia.