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Find Me A Home is a nationwide six-part observational documentary series following the trials and tribulations of those trying to buy, rent or sell a home in the current property market.  Across the series we meet a wide variety of house hunters often in very tricky situations: first time buyers finding it difficult to get a mortgage and a deposit; downsizers, hoping to trade down to release cash; buyers and sellers at property auctions; home owners in negative equity, and renters who fear they’ll never get their foot on the property ladder. We also go behind the scenes with estate agents as they try to help stimulate the market after a turbulent decade – with mixed results. In some parts of the country a chronic lack of supply leads to frantic bidding wars, while in others agents go years without selling a single house. It’s a highly charged mix of emotions as couples and individuals struggle to make the most important decision of their lives.

No of Series 3 series
In episode one, a young family in Dublin face homelessness when the landlord terminates their lease. With landlords exiting the rental sector in their droves, we see the resulting consequences; leases are being terminated and vulnerable families face eviction with nowhere else to go.
In episode two, Alex gets caught up in a bidding war for a one-bed cottage on North Strand in Dublin. We also meet Daniel who has spent over a year trying to find a home. In Portlaoise he finds the ideal 3 bed detached, bang on budget.
In the third episode, we see the affect of the rental crisis on vulnerable families who face eviction with nowhere else to go.
n episode 4, an American family buy the biggest house they can find in Ballyfermot, paying a record figure for it.
In episode 5, an apartment in Dublin sells for a record price within 4 weeks, while a house in Wexford is still on the market after 10 years.
In episode 6, a young couple in Galway take a gamble at auction, while in Limerick a buyer takes no chances, queuing for four days to buy a house.
In the first episode of this topical series, two young families struggle to find affordable homes to rent in Dublin.
In the second episode of Find Me A Home: A young couple looking to rent in Dublin discover that it’s cheaper to buy.
In the 3rd episode of Find Me A Home, we meet Margaret who braves the auction room to buy her dream home with a sea view in Salthill, and in Wexford Ann and Martin struggle to sell their beautiful country house with a swimming pool.
In the 4th of episode of Find Me A Home, we meet a family in County Kilkenny who have a nail-biting time trying to sell their Victorian mansion.
In the 5th episode of Find Me A Home, two trader-uppers struggle to sell the homes they bought at the height of the boom. Getting a deposit together to buy a home is a difficult undertaking for any buyer, but what about the negative equity generation who are struggling to trade up from places they’ve outgrown?
In the final episode of Find Me A Home we meet a couple in Wexford who’ve moved house 7 times in 18 years, and now they’re on the move again.
Observational documentary series following house hunters and estate agents grappling with the tricky property market. In this episode first time buyers Suzanne and Maria go to their first auction in Galway in the hope of buying their dream home, we meet a home owner trapped by negative equity, and visit a unique converted farmhouse for sale in West Cork.
For many first time buyers, their only hope of ever buying a home is with a generous injection of outside cash, usually offered by a close relative. In episode two, we meet retired midwife Clíona who is making the sacrifice of selling up her home in Greystones to release some cash to put towards the deposit her daughter and family need to buy their first home. 
In episode 3, we meet the hoards of hopeful tenants battling against the increasing competition for rental properties across Dublin. We also feature a couple in Greystones who, approaching retirement, are shocked to discover how much their home has lost in value since they bought it at the height of the boom
Observational documentary series following house hunters and estate agents grappling with the tricky property market. In this episode first time buyers struggle to get on the property ladder, a cottage owned by an international soap star attracts huge interest, and we visit Liss Ard Estate in West Cork on the market for 7.5 million euro.
Over 100 eager house hunters turn up to the first viewing of a three bed house in Kimmage, west Dublin – reflecting the huge competition for family homes in the capital. And the sale of a home in Killiney worth nearly 2 million is suddenly in jeopardy with the Brexit referendum result.
Final episode in observational documentary series following the trials and tribulations of those trying to buy, rent or sell a home in Ireland in 2016.   This episode features first time buyers struggling to get a mortgage while others put an offer on their first home and a couple take a chance on selling their house in the auction room. 

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