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In the smash hit series for Discovery Channel, Richard ‘Mac’ Machowicz travels the world to try out the very latest weapons technology.

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Covers the Aquaram Tactical Disrupter, LWRC Infantry Automatic Rifle, SAAB BOFORS RBS 70 Short-Range Missile System, and the Knight's Armament M110 Sniper Rifle.
Learn about how the Taser has evolved for military use; the smartest baton round on the planet and the vehicle-stopping device that uses a hi-tech net that can trap suicide bombers.
Covers the Optosecurity Liquid Threat Technology, Mk110 Naval Gun, Land Warfare Research Center "Personal Security Detachment" rifle, and the Remote Weapons Station.
FutureWeapons travels to Middle East to uncover the very latest weapons being designed for the Israel Defense Forces.
FutureWeapons goes big on guns.The rapid-fire cannon that's becoming a hit with the US military; the personal defense weapon that has the same knockdown as bigger guns, the Gatling gun that rains fire on target and the new multi-caliber assault weapon.
FutureWeapons tests an amazing state-of-the-art weapon that can convert from an assault rifle to a sniper rifle in seconds.
FutureWeapons tests inflatable armor, the revolutionary shoulder fired grenades that double the range of the weapons, the latest generation of the A10 Thunderbolt ground attack plane and the assault rifle round that stays supersonic out to 1200 yards.
FutureWeapons travels to Middle East to uncover the very latest weapons being designed by the Israeli army, navy and air force.
FutureWeapons travels to California to witness the birth of a revolution in air warfare that pushes science and technology to the limits - the unmanned bomber that can take-off and land on aircraft carriers.
FutureWeapons goes to the most intense battlefield on the planet - Alaska. See how soldiers are trained to fight and thrive in this most hostile environment.
Discover weapons that always find their target including, the SMAW-NE shoulder launched rocket, a new semi-automatic sniper rifle, the Vulcan and Aardvark anti-mine systems, and the Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicle.
Discover weapons that defeat the opposition, including the THAAD high-altitude area defense missile, amazing body armor aptly named Dragon Skin, the Boot Banger IED disrupter, and the M32 multiple grenade launcher.
Discover weapons that leave the enemy no place to hide, including the newest long range ground attack missile, a revolutionary wall breaching device, the MP7, and the super stealthy F22 Raptor.
Discover weapons that are so stealthy you can't see them coming, including the USS Texas attack submarine, the latest B2 "Spirit" Stealth Bomber, Barrett's 416 long range sniper round, and the Krakatoa anti-ship sabotage device.
Discover weapons are tough enough to survive the front line of battle including the XM307 machine grenade launcher, Land Warrior hi-tech equipment for combat soldiers, the Stryker family of fighting vehicles, and the CV22 Osprey.
Discover weapons that take the fight to the enemy including the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, the rocket in a box N-LOS LS, the Bangalore Blade and Heckler & Koch's 416 assault rifle.
Discover weapons that ruthlessly target the enemy including spy in the sky Global Hawk, the Small Diameter bomb and the Laser J-DAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition), the Dragon Fire II mortar, and the super powerful machine guns from FN Herstal.
Richard tries out the Barrett m468 assault rifle with the stopping power of an AK-47 and the speed and accuracy of an M-16. The Marines new m777 howitzer is built of titanium to reduce weight and increase mobility. It also has advanced targeting an control systems. Finally, Richard visits the USS Eisenhower to fly in the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and see the fleet's missile defense systems.
The unmanned Protector patrol boat is design the defend coastal targets against terrorists. Mack goes off road in a Squad Mission Support System Vehicle before putting his feet up and using the remote control. IMS in an intelligent alternative to in-discriminant land mines. Archer is a fully automated howitzer capable of multiple round simultaneous impact.
Discover weapons that are designed to win close combat battles including the Kriss - a? powerful submachine gun, the anti-tank AT4-CS, the super armored Grizzly and the Auto Assault shotgun.
Discover weapons that are always ready for action including the Crow gun system, a clever and fast way of destroying anti-personnel mines with a Dragon, the Boomerang sniper detection system, and how to become a real life 007 using high- tech robotics.
Discover weapons that are being designed to fight the wars of the future including Active Denial, a non-lethal way of protecting troops, the Crusher unmanned vehicle, and the US Army's Future Combat System that unites man and machine.
Discover weapons that are so powerful they flatten the opposition including the assault ship the USS San Antonio, the AC130 Spooky gunship, an Electromagnetic Rail Gun, and the sniper computer that makes you super accurate and even more lethal.
Highlights missiles that will find you no matter where you are hiding.
Explores the new ways the military is taking stealth to the next level. Mack tries to run from the predator, and uses the Barrett M107 rifle which can provide precise aim from two miles away.
The Metal Storm, thermobaric bomb, and Multiple Rocket Launch System.
EMP Weapons (USA), LRAD (USA), Advanced tactical laser (USA), Tactical High Energy Laser (Israel / USA), Airborne Laser (USA)
Just how smart are the weapons of tomorrow? Ex Navy Seal Richard Machowicz goes in search of the latest, cleverest and most terrifying technology. These are weapons that almost unaided by human hand actually seek out and destroy their targets themselves.
New technology has created weapons that are both deadly and terrifying. Former Navy SEAL Richard Machowicz seeks out the weapons that use technology so effectively they can stop entire armies in their tracks.

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