The Chronicles of Mourne

Genre Documentary
Format 4x30
Broadcast On

Narrated by Northern Irish actor Colin Morgan (Humans and Merlin) “The Chronicles of Mourne” is a four-part documentary series about The Mournes, a unique area of outstanding natural beauty, in the south of Co Down. Filmed over a year, each episode concentrates on the unfolding of one season, following the challenges facing the men, women and animals that are drawn to live, work, or seek solace in this distinctive landscape. They need the mountains and forests of the Mournes as much as the mountains and forests need them.

Filmed over a year the series starts with Summer. The resorts are busy but away from the crowds there’s a hidden world that visitors rarely see. 
It’s Autumn and after a busy summer the Mournes human and animal inhabitants make preparations for winter.  It maybe wet and windy but there is plenty of autumnal beauty around.
It’s winter and the snow and Ice has transformed the Mournes into a winter wonderland, a bleakly beautiful artic playground built for only the hardiest of souls.
It’s spring and the Mournes bursts to life with young animals and spring flowers, enthusing the whole area with an energy and optimism.  A new year has begun.

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