Ultimate Weapons

Genre Specialist Factual
Format 1 x 60
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Ultimate Weapons is a high-octane explosive series looking at modern weaponry. Check out the best in Sniper Rifles, Man-Portable Firepower, Tanks & Artillery, Robotic Warriors, Shock and Awe Weapons and Close Quarters Systems and explore what makes them the 'Ultimate Weapons' in their class.

Maximum reach makes the Sniper Rifle an Ultimate Weapon. With the accuracy and stopping power to take out small targets a mile away, the military sniper can put demands on the weapon that will achieve amazing results.
Shock and Awe weapons are designed to make a massive impact and they don't disappoint. These rapid dominance systems overwhelm in the deadliest and most effective ways, physically and psychologically overpowering the enemy.
Robotic Warriors are futuristic unmanned war machines that can even think for themselves - the real Terminators for the 21st century. These intelligent weapon systems combine stealth and autonomy with the power to strike and destroy their targets.
Close Quarters Battle is about engaging the enemy at short range. "Whites of the Eyes" warfare requires weapons that are compact and deadly. Split-second reaction time is vital and the weapon you choose could mean the difference between life and death.
Firepower highlights some of the world's most powerful man-portable weapons. With iconic status, psychological impact and the power to intimidate, Firepower systems have the military capability to unleash tremendous force on the enemy.
Heavy Metal roars onto the screen with the Kings of the Battlefield - the tanks and artillery that bring heavy firepower to bear on the enemy. These beasts of war have earned their place as Ultimate Weapons, but which will be the Ultimate heavyweight?

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